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Lipless Wobbler Lure 62mm 16G (Option)

Fishus by Lurenzo’s new lipless wobbler lure, Wobly is a very easy to use lure, perfect for seabass, perch, trout, black bass and small tunas.

It features an extraordinary casting capacity, and comes armed with high quality 3X treble hooks and rings.

It starts working as soon as it gets into the water, when it descends the first thing that draws your attention is that it falls slowly with an strong rolling movement. Meanwhile it’s flashing heavily and emits a subtle frequency through its small internal rattling.

Thanks to that combination of color changes and flashes when wiggling and to its sound frequency, the Wobly stands out among the fry school in which the predators are feeding and makes them focus on the lure above the rest of the baitfish.

Wobly displays its full potential on a slow retrieve, lower ratio reels on linear retrieve makes it move like a paddle tail soft bait. You can add some sudden stops, making it fall parallel to the bottom line like a badly wounded prey.

Length: 62mm

Weight: 16g

Depth: Sinking

Type: Rattling

Earn up to 14 Points.