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DAIWA Morethan Salt Pencil 110F-HD # Holo Kibinago

An explosive fishing pencil equipped with the original water through gill, which is said to be “this is bait”

Realistic baitfish-like appearance, excellent castability, and various actions. And above all, the basic performance and realistic silhouette of the gem pencil bait “TD Salt Pencil”, which is praised as “this is food” from its many years of achievements, is inherited almost as it is. The high hooking performance of the real slim body, the light Dog & Walk action created by the unique floating posture that creates a weak bait fish, and the sweet splash and pop sound of the Ochoboguchi and the original water through gill structure attract all fish eaters. With a variety of sizes including the reinforced body “HD (HEAVY DUTY)”, it supports not only sea bass but also light games such as plating, sea bass and black sea bream, as well as dolphin fish and blue fish.

Lure Type: Surface Lure

Length: 110mm (11cm)

Weight: 17.3g

Hooks: Two ST-46 #3 treble hooks

Sound: No rattle, but lots of bubbles


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