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DAIWA Shoreline Shiner Z Set Upper 110S-DR # Adele Inakkko

A flying sinking diver that is ideal for embankments, boat games, etc., which was developed with the concept of “attacking and fishing the threaded sea bass hidden in the middle layer!”

Operation method & action : Just roll it up! Slow retrieve is Woven Roll. When the retrieve speed is increased, it gradually changes to wide wobble roll action. Moreover, since it occasionally automatically slides in the lateral direction (plover action), it is possible to reflexively induce a bite regardless of day or night. It attracts the seabass that is known to be there with a single free roll, and also attracts the ambushed seabass that is ambushed by the vibration system. Basically, it is OK to wind it for free, but as a trick, it is also effective to use the power of the pulling wave to keep swimming while staying in the middle layer of the embankment or the rocky shore.

Weight: 22.6g

Type: Slow Sinking

Size: 110mm

Action: High Pitch tight wobbly roll

Hooks: #6 Treble

Dive Range: 2 metre

Casting range: Up to 72 meter



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