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Fladen Deep Drop Fish Attracting Light

BLINKING LIGHT 4pcs Blinking LED underwater fishing light, attracts bait that game fish feed off of making them easier to catch.

DURABLE Made of ABS material, anti-rust, anti-riot, the fishing light comes with rigid clear light cover and waterproof rubber ring, 100% waterproof. Long lighting time, low power consumption.

LONG LIFE This fishing light has a long service life and can be reused. Only replace the battery and you can use it again, requires AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

ATTRACTIVE LIGHT Bright, scientific and professional lamplight can attract fish more effectively, both the bottom fish and the upper fish would be attracted to around the bait, make them easier to catch.

Large: 17cm (White Light)

Medium: 15cm (White Light)

Small: 11cm (White Light)


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