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IMA Hound 125F Glide (Cotton Candy) 003

The Hound 125F Glide has been designed by IMA to be a long casting lure. The lures profile and moving weight system puts most of the lures mass towards the tail during casting and when tested on balanced tackle distance pushing 80m were achieved. Casting however is only part of the story as there is no point in blasting a lure to the horizon if it will not catch fish. This is no concern for the Hound though as the small neat vane and body design give it an attractive rolling action. It works down to approx 1 metre but with a slow retrieve and high rod you can if you wish work it nearer to the surface

  • Length 125mm
  • Weight 20g
  • Depth 70cm – 100cm
  • Moving weight system
  • Extra long casts ( up to 78 metres in tests)


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