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IMA Komomo II (Bora)

Another sub surface lure which fishes within the top 20cm so it can be fished in very shallow water. Hold the rod tip up and the lure will fish even closer to the surface creating an enticing wake in calm conditions. The innovative lip design gives the Komomo II a wide rolling action. Internal weights allow the lure to be cast easily, even in a strong wind.

Whilst this is a great lure for bass, it will also appeal to a whole variety of predators both fresh and saltwater. The lures have an aesthetic quality which is really unrivalled with holographic effects providing shimmer and flashes as the lure moves.

IMA Komomo II – Perfect for flat calm days when you are after a lure that swims literally just below the surface. You can get the IMA Komomo II to stay sub-surface in calm conditions by simply winding it at a slow to medium pace with your rod tip pointed at the water, and the action is incredible. This lure can also be used as a surface lure – reel in really slow with your rod tip at 45 degrees and you can get it to wake across the surface. Pause it and twitch it on the surface as well, and alternate to sub-surface by lowering your rod tip. A very versatile lure for calm conditions. Buy virtue of it working so close to the surface, the Komomo II is not a lure for choppy or rough conditions.

Weight: 110mm

Length: 15g

Depth: 5cm-20cm

Hooks: 2x Owner ST46

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