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Major Craft Live Squid #003 YARI IKA

The Major Craft Live Squid, is a twin tail, silicone squid, a versatile, saltwater bait which is available in 4” (10 cm) models. There are 5, popular colors in the assortment, starting from an intensive glowing color (Namaika) for low light and deep-water fishing conditions and progressively decreasing the glowing effect per color, to no effect at all (Surume).

The Major Craft Live Squid is a soft lure that offers realism, natural, fluttering motion underwater and reaction, out of the ordinary colors, that attract the attention of predators.

The tentacles on the Major Craft Live Squid include two curl legs, which have amazing action and are guaranteed to entice vicious strikes from hungry predators. These squid bodies can be rigged on leaders for Halibut and bottom fish such as Groupers, fished on jig heads for surface predators and rockfish, or trolled for Pelagics. Just about every fish in the ocean feed on squid, so your only limitation is your imagination when it comes to rigging and fishing the Major Craft Live Squid.

This ultra-realistic bait can be fished in many different ways to represent both a feeding squid, or a fleeing squid and can become the ultimate bait in variety of fishing techniques, such as Shore Jigging, Slow Jigging, or Trolling. With incredibly realistic patterns, this bait can be fished shallow in the surf, or deep out. With incredibly sensitive tentacles and incredibly strong, this bait looks and feels like the real deal.

The body has an opening on its back, from which you can rig the Jig Head and also add small assist hooks, that hide amongst the tentacles. The silicone is made of soft enough material to enable you to pass a jig head through, but is sturdy enough to resist vicious attacks.

Jig head or assist hooks, not included.

Length: 10.2cm


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