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PROX Multifunctional Fishing Vest For Adults Free Size (Red)

Product Description:

Prox’s Floating Vest is composed of two large front pockets and a small one at the top.

It also has a practical bottle holder on the side, 2 hooks to hang whatever you want (grip, scissors, etc…) and a practical pliers holder with attached hook to secure it. It also has a large pocket on the back and the length of the belt and shoulder can be easily adjusted.

If you don’t want to use it as a life jacket, you can remove the floating material inside. The renal support distributes and reduces the load on the body. A truly functional vest!

Model Number: PROX

Feature: Quick Dry

Key Features :

* Leather Storage Bag on front shoulder

* Large Multi functional pockets

* Water bottle pocket

* Hooks and D rings to store things like flashlight.

* Large back pocket

* Reflective badges on back shoulder area.

* Buoyancy Materials on both sides.


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