Tackle House Contact Feed Shallow (Clear HG Red Belly) 128mm 18.5g

The target for the FEED SHALLOW is sea bass in shallow water. The main action of this lure is the natural head-roll, which is different from the rolling action performed by conventional shallow minnows. The sides of the lure’s body are designed to be as flat as possible and it has a flashy, iridescent appearance that enhances its appeal.

It performs energetically just below the surface of water 5~30 cm deep.

  • Length – 128mm
  • Weight – 18.5gm
  • Depth – 5cm – 30cm
  • Deadly must have bass lure
  • Super shallow action, perfect for shallow water
  • Catches fish feeding just below the surface
  • Natural head rolling action
  • Superb Finish
  • 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #3 hooks
  • Made in Japan

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