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Tsunami Pro Shockwave Silver Wedge Lure 28g

Tsunami Shockwave Wedge Lure


Anglers who enjoy fast and furious jigging techniques need fast and furious lures to back them up. Tsunami Shockwave Lures are the epitome of ferocity with action that is bound to impress the toughest of critics. Everything about these metal jigs stands out in a class of their own. There really are no other lures out there that can match the intensity and amazing results that these Tsunami Shockwave Lures are capable of.


Ideal for anglers who love high-speed jigging techniques, Tsunami Shockwave Lures are great for shore angling as well as boat angling. Anglers will have a lot of fun jigging these lures standing on a rock ledge facing the sea or casting them horizontally from the stern of their boat. The slick presentation of these jigs in any water surface makes them perfect for all kinds of fish like the Tuna, Trevally, Salmon, Mack, Queenfish, Cobia and Coral Trout.


Versatility and aesthetics are at the centre of attention here. Tsunami Shockwave Lures boast of a hard chromed solid brass make that is reliable and long lasting. The highly polished Silver Foil finish works like a charm for enhancing the attraction factor for fish. A wide range of sizes gives anglers plenty of choice to pick one that suits their style.


Tsunami Shockwave Lures have been designed especially for the best swimming action that is sure to get strikes on every cast. The holographic prism tape adds volume to its effectiveness in the water making it even more attractive to the fish. Rigged with strong stainless split rings and HD swivels that hold the Mustad hooks in place, these Tsunami Shockwave Lures are designed for the most secure hook-ups possible.


Key Features

Hard chromed solid brass

Holographic prism tape

Mustad hooks

Stainless steel split rings

HD swivels

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