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Ubuntu Surface lure (Candy Purple) 70mm 8.5g

When Isaac Lorenzo decided to increase his surface lures family in 2012, he began working on a 115mm popper and later on the final 135mm.

Its original name was not UBUNTU, was renamed in 2014, as a tribute to its unconditional anglers and friends group, who devoted themselves to the development of the project. UBUNTU is a South African ethical rule focused on the loyalty of people and the links between them, hence the name of this great lure.

It ough to be a silent popper with a moderated size, able to gather the essential move on a popper. It ough to do a highly eye-catching walking the dog, a great splash, bubble trails with a sinuous rolling; even being able to execute rolling and wobbling at low speed.

This popper allows you to perform countless movements in a small space, being as attractive as the anglers want. It’s simple to use and will work with minimal effort on our rods.
It’s a popper that allows us to fish slowly showing its sides or pull it to the maximum speed, moving those apathetic fishes. Without a doubt, it’s a multupurpose lure.

A sturdy, compact and well-balanced body that allows good casts, without losing any fish by weakness on our lure.

UBUNTU will be essential in your lure box.

Weight: 8.5g

Length: 70mm

Type: Floating

Hooks: Treble Size 8

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