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YKR FLOWWAVE 762 ML 3-15g White Edition

This is a fast-acting tubular blank with high tip sensitivity. Designed to be able to use all types of light weight lures; walkers,  minows, vinyls and jigs with great versatility.

Due to its lightness it will allow us to carry out long days of fishing without noticing fatigue due to its great lightness with only 107 grams of weight. The length measurement of 2.30 m is perfect for these fishing techniques along with a real fishing action of 3/15 grams in weight.

Equipped with finishes and aesthetic details of the highestquality, providing elegance, finesse, lightness and robustness. FUJI reel seat, FUJI Faz Lite components, top quality foam and Toray 30 Tons polished black carbonblank.

Length: 2.30m

Casting Weight: 3-15g

Type: Fast Action

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