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YKR Kisu Shad 20g (Green Natural)

The YKR Kisu Shad vinyl is a perfect imitation of a small grass fish.

The consistency of the vinyl with which they are made is just right for them to have a natural movement, so when swimming they produce a rolling action, while their tail sways naturally.

Its assembly is Texas type and they have a quality hook. Small dimension PADDLE TAIL whose main function is to give the exact vibration to give movement to the whole body during swimming at low cadence.

SLIM BODY stylized providing naturalness when performing the tail of a live fish fleeing from predators.. SOFT TEXTURE on the body to give it maximum realism and to be able to use it at low speeds. ULTRA REALISTIC FINISHES both in the vinyls and in the jig heads being painted and varnished manually using the highest quality materials.

Details of maximum realism simulating the scales of the body and lower fins.

Length: 90mm

Weight: 15g

Quantity: 2 Units


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